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When I was a student I used to gather all the certificates from every possible event. The reason being it gave me a high to know that I have achieved something and have proof of it to SHOW irrespective of what I learnt. After quite a few years I realized that apart from increasing the weight of my CV for a potential future employer (who I realized is clever enough to understand what is good, mediocre and bad ) it is nothing but accumulation of paper-weight with dust!! Ever since this realization dawned on me I choose the certificates and certificate courses I go to apart from designing such courses.

After being part of the receiving and giving end of more than a 1000 programs (few good and many very bad!!) in the last 17 years I’m a little wiser now.  Wiser to choose the right theatre certificate course because  I AM  spending MY TIME, MY MONEY and MY MENTAL and EMOTIONAL ENERGY apart from LEARNING SKILLS which SHOULD HELP ME SUCCEED. I thought I’d share a few points with you to enable you to make the right decision so that you don’t spend years hoping and skipping from the good, mediocre and bad courses one after the other. I hope these learnings act as a signpost for you to move in the right direction. Check if these things are taken care off.

A certificate course that enables development of individuality.

A graded course that judges you on performance.

Course of theatre which brings in both the professionalism of theatre and academics.

Theatre certificate offered by a recognized University for credibility.

A minimum of 45 hours of experiential learning.

Grades achieved are mentioned on the certificate.

Certificate offered based on skills acquired – not for completion.

Public performances for accountability.


Some of the selfish aspects I look at when doing a course are

ü The content of it should make me jump with joy.

ü Have friends who are always excited.

ü Enable me to appreciate the best things of my life.

ü Allow me an opportunity to see an alternative future.

ü Take a look into my hidden talents.

ü Reap rewards with an option to earn money.

ü Enhance the things which I’m currently doing and be the best.

This brings me to the point of the certificate course in Playback and Proscenium Theatre. I don’t usually recommend a course unless I have done it myself. I prefer to risk my time, skills and reputation before losing a friend or potential colleague by providing wrong suggestions. The course priced at Rs 6,000/- for Playback Theatre and Rs 10,000/- for Proscenium Theatre took my team almost 10 years to design.


 Playback Theatre is an international improvisational acting form which a few of us at the faculty of TIE have had the privilege of learning through more than 300 performances after getting trained. We continue to be part of performances every month.

Proscenium Theatre is the opportunity to do performances on stage. With a concept of Vision 2020 theatre production done annually – this is the only platform to experiment and learn the nuts and bolts of theatre. From writing your own script, direction, costumes, lights, sets, publicity – you learn by doing it yourself. The workshop forces you to work on small performances to learn before introducing you to the magic of large scale thematically scripted nation building concepts through theatre.

 The greatest USP of these courses are – once you complete it, you automatically qualify yourself to be part of any production with Script Peoples Theatre.  The most common complaint we get from those who have completed the course is SORRY WE ARE BUSY!!! We have got more opportunities and it’s never due to the lack of opportunities from our side!!

While there are Playback Theatre performances every month for those who have completed the course – the ones who complete the Proscenium Theatre course can have the option of being part of the 30+ shows we organize every year.

International participants, trainers, access to Christ University auditorium for performances, Corporate Theatre, Institutional programs …these are just few things which you are opening yourself to when you join this course.

For those heaven bent on starting off only on ACTING – Playback is the best foot forward. You have to think and act different roles in this form which I guarantee you will do by the end of the course. For those who want a wider understanding of theatre Proscenium Theatre with its all-encompassing format is an ideal start.

These two certificate coursed cannot be completed if you do not see the practical success for yourself. To this end if you go through the course your success is guaranteed.

For those concerned about time – the certificate course is conveniently timed so as not to interrupt your regular schedule (Playback Theatre6:20 am to 8:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Proscenium Theatre 6:20 am to 8:30 am, Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday 2 pm to 4 pm ) The course starts from Nov 22nd and end by first week of February 2010.

 Don’t Trust Me

I might be trying to make you believe that Rs 6,000 + Rs 10,000 is the greatest investment you can make on yourself but don’t trust me – just check out

Avrina Jos (Journalism Student) – Young author, Avrina Jos found the Playback workshop helpful as it helped open her up and express herself  better. Eventually the Playback process helped develop her writing skills and she has sent her first play script for a competition in 3 days flat.

Surendra (Architect) – Successful architect Surendra had a big fear of public speaking.  The Theatre workshop helped address his concerns through creative groupwork that he wants to take the entire batch of participants for lunch!!

Supriya Rakesh (HR Professional) – For Supriya life was a very logical experience, all of which changed once she underwent the  Theatre workshop, today she is very spontaneous and is open to the unpredictable nature of the course of life.

Tarini Srinivas (Business Administration Student) – Tarini Srinivas found the Playback Theatre workshop and the Proscenium Theatre workshop moulding her into the role of a leader. Along with developing her natural acting skills, Tarini is very sensitive about her environment, about relationships around her and thanks to theatre has co-directed a theatre performance after being a Stage Manager.

Suresh KK (Manager – Computer Software) – Has been the lead actor in a Vision 2020 performance, helped initiate a new line of business, organized workshops and performances, and is an integral part of shows as an actor every year after completing the workshop

Abhay Sharan (Television and Film actor) –  Started by attending the workshop and is too busy to come for rehearsals because it clashes with his shoot timings apart from the joyful livelihood of performing in front of the camera.

Nitya Rao (Performing Arts student) – Her photograph appeared in the newspaper even before she completed her first course thanks to her participation in the Vision 2020 annual theatre presentation.

Uma Sugantharaj (Graduate in Visual Communication) – Has joined as a theatre facilitator for schools after her certificate program and is busy training young kids.

If you have the courage to take the step of investing Rs 16,000/- on yourself – rest assured you might be the next success story I’m writing about. For those who feel the amount is a little beyond your budget – there is an exciting offer. You can opt for any one certificate program of your choice for a start and check it out for yourself. Invest only Rs 10,000/- and join the Proscenium Theatre Certificate course or Rs 6,000/- and join the Playback Theatre Certificate course.

Don’t delay your action because we start on 22nd Nov 2010 and are open to entries till first week of December 2010.

EARN – Your success is guaranteed because we put our money on the words we say and the training we do. Once you get your certificate for completing the course you have the option of getting paid for being part of projects. You can start off by thinking financial return on investment from the beginning so that the course becomes free for you in the long run. Check out if there is another course which is as exciting and rewarding as this – I haven’t seen one – if you happen to – just drop in a line – we’ll beat them at it J

ACT – Christ University and we as a team might not be able to give you another chance. Call and come to enroll NOW

Christ University, 3rd Floor, Theatre-in-Education, Bangalore – 560029                  Ph 080-64504665/9845075825

(Rajesh P I is an actor, trainer and director who has been part of over 200 performances and currently involves himself in almost every project of Script Peoples Theatre)                                                                                                            
Check out  www.scriptpeoplestheatre.com to know what you have missed till date!!


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Script Peoples Theatre in association with Christ University is conducting two certificate courses in theatre this November. The courses are – (1) Playback Theatre (2) Proscenium Theatre
Both courses are of a duration of 60 hours each.

While the Certificate course in Playback Theatre focuses on developing improvisational acting skills, it also creates a strong acting foundation. The Proscenium Theatre workshop focuses on the A-Z of theatre including, lights, sound, direction, scripting, acting, stage management, stage make up etc.

The Playback Theatre course begins on 22nd November and is conducted in two batches. Batch 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 6:20 am. – 8:30 a.m) Batch 2 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.). The workshop culminates in a series of public performances in end-February.

The Proscenium Theatre workshop begins on 23rd November and is conducted in one batch on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6:20 a.m – 8:30 a.m, Saturdays – 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For more details please mail info@scriptpeoplestheatre.com or call Rajesh at 98450-75825.

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Script Peoples Theatre is conducting a Dramatic Intelligence workshop for children in the age group of 5-8 years and 9-14 years. The 7 day theatre workshop is designed to provide a basic overview of theatre and a first solid footing into the world of theatre. It is focused at developing leadership skills and enhancing creative expression. The workshop culminates with a 7-10 minute theatre presentation. The workshop will be conducted from 20 – 26 September at Navarasa, #1016, 2nd Floor, 80 Feet Road, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore. More details can be had here.

To register mail theatreineducation@gmail.com

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

Using theatre as an educational tool for academia and community, the teachers training workshop is an ideal platform to assist educators seeking knowledge of theatre elements that could be applied in teaching core subjects using imagination. The training programme is designed to increase knowledge base, develop skills, promote age-specific learning, documentation, to teach how to act, direct and watch plays and learn through a different method of training.

The three day training programme, which is part of Theatre-in-Education developed by Script Peoples Theatre builds on improvisational theatre techniques that could be used to help participants engage their students in the learning process. It helps them to creatively integrate writing and performing arts into their content area of teaching. This is a unique effort to build synergy between classroom education and theatrical concepts.

This process oriented learning is also an excellent way of teaching invaluable social and life skills such as interpersonal communication, team-building, creative problem solving, leadership, critical thinking, group decision-making and self expression. The proportion of education and theatre needs to be carefully planned to fit into each specific educational development framework.

Teachers, facilitators, lecturers, functionaries of child care institutions and people who work with children, youth and trainers are eligible to participate. Accommodation at the Christ University guest house will be provided for outstation participants.

Dates: 24, 25 & 26 September
Timing: 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
Professional Charges: Rs.6,000/= inclusive of food.  (Cheque/DD to be made in favour of Christ University)

To register please email tie@christuniversity.in or call 080-6450 4665

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Script Peoples Theatre in association with Christ University is conducting a 3-day Certificate course in TIE teacher training at the University on 11, 12 & 13 June. This certificate course is for teachers or trainers. The objective  is to enable teachers to make their classes interesting and to facilitate greater learning by using theatre tools and techniques.

For outstation candidates, stay is provided at the university guest rooms which is within the campus. For more details mail theatreineducation@gmail.com

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Mohammed Arif and Geeta Kudtharkar are currenty conducting the ‘Indradhanush’ theatre workshop for the students of Gear Innovative International School. This is a one week theatre workshop which will culminate in the stage presentation of Dr. Seuss’s ‘The Lorax’.

The workshop emphasis is on developing the creative energies of the students. They will play, participate and immerse themselves completely in the process. A lot of spinoffs are expected – namely confidence, communication skills, building self esteem, enhancing creative skills and better working-in-a-group skills.

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